Brain and mind

I’ve been working on what we hope will be the final drafts of the Epistemic Fluency book.  I needed to check something Stellan Ohlsson wrote a few years ago, and come across this perfect pearl:

“Other researchers deny mind by equating it with the brain. This approach is the more attractive, the less a person knows about psychology. It is a perennial favorite among computer scientists, members of the medical profession and particle physicists with philosophical aspirations. … Neuroscience is a fascinating science and it has made great progress in explaining the workings of the brain, a most worthwhile goal. No value is added to this science by the unwarranted metaphysical claim that a complete description of the brain will answer all questions about mind.”

Ohlsson, S. (2011). Deep learning: how the mind overrides experience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p26

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