Networked Learning 2014

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We’re really looking forward to presenting at the 9th International Networked Learning Conference in Edinburgh next month. Four papers from the Laureate team:

Carvalho, L. & Goodyear, P. (2014). Analysing the structuring of knowledge in learning networks.

Goodyear, P., Carvalho, L. & Dohn, N. (2014). Design for networked learning: framing relations between participants’ activities and the physical setting.

Pinto, A. (2014). Design and functioning of a productive learning network.

Yeoman, P & Carvalho, L. (2014). Material entanglement in a primary school learning network.

and also one by our recent Visiting Scholar, Nina Bonderup Dohn:

Dohn, N (2014) A practice-grounded approach to ‘engagement’ and ‘motivation’ in networked learning

all to be found in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Networked Learning 2014, Edited by: Bayne S, Jones C, de Laat M, Ryberg T & Sinclair C.