Keynotes & invited lectures (selection)

Goodyear, P (2016) Analysis and design for complex learning, Invited keynote, 33rd International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education (ascilite 2016), Adelaide, November

Goodyear, P (2014) Implementing designs for blended learning: linking space, tools & learning, Blended Learning Summit, Sydney (October)

Goodyear, P (2013) Learning, technology and design: defining architectures for productive networked learning, Blended Learning Summit, Sydney (September)

Goodyear, P (2013) Online learning and teaching-as-design, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga (August)

Goodyear, P (2013) From brain research to design for learning: connecting neuroscience to educational practice, ACER Conference on How the Brain Learns, Melbourne (August)

Goodyear, P (2013) MOOCs, connected learning and engaged enquiry, University of Sydney symposium on blended learning. (July)

Goodyear, P (2013) Rethinking Learning from the Perspective of Design, University of Technology Sydney (May)

Goodyear, P (2012) A conceptual toolkit for surveying the learning design landscape, Invited keynote, LAMS and Learning Design conference, Macquarie University, Sydney (Dec 2012)

Goodyear, P (2012) Connected learning, Invited lecture, Creating new futures:
High speed broadband in higher education conference
, Univ of Melbourne (Sept 2012).

Goodyear, P (2012) Learning in a networked world, Invited lecture in the Transforming the Future Lecture Series, RMIT University, Melbourne (Sept 2012).

Goodyear, P (2012) Designing for learning: new opportunities for educational research, Invited lecture, ERIN, University of Newcastle (July 2012).

Goodyear, P (2011) CoPs, knots, nets and boundary work, Invited keynote, Annual Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education, Hobart Tasmania (Nov 27 – Dec 1 2011).

Goodyear, P (2011) Sustainable innovation in higher education: learning, technology, design, Invited lecture, Murdoch University, Perth (Nov 2011)

Goodyear, P (2011) Learning, technology and design, Invited lecture, Southern Cross University, (Oct 2011)

Goodyear, P (2011) Pedagogic designs, technology and practice-based education, Invited lecture, Practice-based Education Summit, Charles Sturt University Sydney (April 2011)

Goodyear, P (2011) Enhancing learning with technology, Invited lecture, Dept for Education and Training Research Colloquium, Sydney, (April 2011).

Goodyear, P (2011) Architectures for productive networked learning: (re)constructing educational research from a design perspective, Invited lecture, University of South Australia, Adelaide (Feb 2011).

Goodyear, P (2009) Learning through inquiry and teaching-as-design, Invited keynote, 2009 International Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Louisville, Kentucky (Oct 2009).

Goodyear, P (2009) Funding for learning technology research, Invited presentation, University of Wollongong, May 11th

Goodyear, P (2009) Learning technology and teaching-as-design, Invited presentation, University of Hong Kong, April 30th

Goodyear, P (2009) Blended learning, active learning and teaching-as-design, Invited presentation, Hong Kong Institute of Education, April 28th

Goodyear, P (2008) The role of technology in supporting off-campus education, invited presentation, Informa IT in Higher Education Summit, Melbourne, November 6th, 2008.

Goodyear, P (2008) Learning, technology and teaching-as-design: culturing innovation and inquiry. Keynote address, ECULTURE conference, Edith Cowan University, Perth, November 5th, 2008.

Goodyear, P (2008) Blended learning, shared experience. Keynote address, 3rd International Conference on Blended Learning, Brisbane, Australia and Hatfield, UK, June 19th.

Goodyear, P (2007) Digital difference. Opening debate (with Sîan Bayne) at ICE3: Ideas, cyberspace, education, Ross Priory, Scotland, March

Goodyear, P (2006) Trends and best practice in the online delivery of higher education curricula, Project Management Institute Academic Forum, Sydney, September

Goodyear, P (2006) Discussion, collaborative knowledge work and epistemic fluency. Keynote address, Networked Learning 2006, Lancaster, UK, April

Goodyear, P (2004) The architecture of convivial learning environments. Keynote address, SURF Annual conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, November

Goodyear, P (2003) ICT & continuing professional development. Keynote address, Innovative Technology Schools Conference, University of Wollongong, December

Goodyear, P (2001) Online conferencing in the arts and humanities: learning, technology and educational design. Keynote address at the Humanities and Arts higher education Network annual conference, Open University, Milton Keynes, October

Goodyear, P (2001) Learning and digital environments – lessons from European research. Keynote address at the International Conference: Education and the information age – current progress and future strategies, Cork, Ireland, October

Goodyear, P (2000) E-learning, knowledge work and working knowledge. Keynote address at the Working for e-business conference, Fremantle, Western Australia, November

Goodyear, P (2000) User-centered design, virtual learning environments and the co-construction of working knowledge. Keynote address, 3rd Western Australia Workshop on Information Systems Research, Perth, Western Australia, November

Goodyear, P (2000) E-learning futures, invited address at the European Commission’s Information Society Technology conference (IST2000), Nice, France, November

Goodyear, P (2000) Instructional design competences and qualifications in the age of eLearning, invited presentation, Forum for Technology in Training, World Open Learning Conference, Birmingham, October

Goodyear, P (2000) Towards the virtual classroom? Keynote address at the E-learning conference, London, June

Goodyear, P (2000) Time, space and learning: technology and the articulation of vocational and academic interests. Keynote address at the 19th Conference of EUCEN (European Universities Continuing Education Network), University of Bergen, May

Goodyear, P (1999) Environments for lifelong learning: ergonomics, architecture and the practice of educational technology, Invited paper for Symposium on Integrated and Holistic Perspectives on Learning, Instruction and Technology, University of Bergen, October

Goodyear, P (1999) Educational technology, virtual learning environments and architectural practice, Invited paper, 20th anniversary conference of the Faculty of Educational Science and Technology, University of Twente, May

Goodyear, P (1998) Performance support for analysis and design, invited paper, Workshop on Exploring the dimensions of performance improvement, Bergen, July

Goodyear, P (1998) Learning, teaching and C&IT: priorities for research, invited presentation at the Computers in Teaching Initiative Forum, Belfast, May

Goodyear, P (1998) New technology and higher education: understanding the innovation process. Keynote address, BITE conference, Maastricht, Netherlands, March

Goodyear, P (1997) The ergonomics of learning environments: learner-managed learning and new technology. Keynote address, EDUTEC ’97 (3rd Congress on New Information Technologies for Education), Malaga, Spain, October.

Goodyear, P (1997) Learning to learn, the new technologies and higher education: towards an ergonomics of learning environments. Keynote address, Annual Conference of the Dutch/Flemish Educational Research Associations (ORD’97), Leuven, Belgium, May.

Goodyear, P & Bryson, M (1994) Technology and pedagogy for distributed, collaborative, continuing professional development, Invited paper, Conference on Computer Mediated Communications for Education and Training, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Goodyear, P. (1993) Asynchronous peer-interaction in distance learning, Invited paper, Advances in Integrated Delivery Technology Conference, Denver, Colorado, October

Goodyear, P. (1993) The design of Electronic Performance Support Systems for courseware producers. Keynote address, NATO ASI on the Automation of Instructional Design, Development and Delivery, Grimstad, Norway, July

Goodyear, P. & Steeples, C. (1993) Computer mediated communications in the professional development of workers in the advanced learning technologies industry invited paper Working Conference of the International Federation for Information Processing WG 3.4, Soest Germany, July

Goodyear, P. (1993) Collaborative learning in networked organisations, Invited presentation, USAF Armstrong Laboratory, San Antonio, Texas, and Learning Technology Center, University of Texas, Austin, April

Goodyear, P. (1992) Tools for building and sustaining communities of practice, invited paper, DeCoMe (5), Brussels, September.

Goodyear, P. (1992) Foundations for courseware engineering. Keynote address, NATO ARW on the Automation of Instructional Design, Development and Delivery, Sitges, Spain, March.

Goodyear, P. (1990) Framing tutorial interventions in exploratory learning environments, invited paper, 3rd European Seminar on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Aarhus, Denmark, December.

Goodyear, P. (1990) The provision of tutorial support for learning with computer-based simulations, invited paper presented at NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Computer Based Learning Environments and Problem Solving, Leuven, Belgium, Sept.

Goodyear, P. (1989) Teaching knowledge in the Logo environment. Keynote address, 4th Annual Conference of the Spanish Association for Educational Informatics, Andorra la Vella, May

Goodyear, P. (1987) Approaches to the empirical derivation of teaching knowledge for intelligent tutoring system design, invited paper, European Seminar on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, University of Tubingen, Germany, October

Goodyear, P. (1987) Expert systems and intelligent tutoring: some issues in the engineering of pedagogic knowledge. Keynote address, 5th Congress of the European Association for Research and Development in Higher Education, Utrecht, Netherlands, April

Goodyear, P. (1986) LOGO as an introductory programming language in further and higher education. Keynote address, Annual Conference of the British Logo Users Group, Birmingham University, England, August.